A Visit To The Tank Graveyard In Asmara

6 years ago

On the outskirts of Asmara, the capital of Eritrea, lays an infamous tourist site, the Military Tank Graveyard. The place is covered with military vehicles used in the 30-year long war between Eritrea and Ethiopia.
Maybe you are curious as to why keep old rusted up military equipment. It is to remind the people of Eritrea about the sacrifices that were made to free their nation. The place is covered with hundreds of military vehicles and wracked up normal cars vehicles stacked on top of each other. There’s even an airport flight stair car stacked up here.

Kinda look cool though, with all the stuff stocked up here.
Even a Flight Stair car is stocked up here.
Some old metals.
Some of the cars are from old Soviet.
I need one of those

When travelling around Eritrea, you will come across a lot of rusted up military equipment along the roads. Don’t be surprised if you pass everything from military trucks laying upside down, to rusted up tanks that the local kids use as their playground.

A Local kid hanging out in the tank graveyard.
Nothing is like walking your goat´s through a park with old military gear.

If you decide to walk to the Tank Graveyard then you will enjoy walking through one of the best neighbourhoods in the country. You will pass by the house of the Chinese and British Ambassador. Once you pass the stunning neighbourhood, just across the road and your big bad junkyard is right there. Quite a contrast, haan?

How high can you stack?

Like with everything else in Eritrea, you will need a permit to visit this site. The permit is FREE (remember to bring your passport). You will have to visit the Ministry of Tourism and Information across the big Cathedral in Asmara to get it.

Just a small part of the place

Before going to Eritrea, I contacted a few local travel agency about getting the permit to the Military Graveyard. Some of them wanted to charge me 50 USD to get it.

And yes you will need your permit. There were few armed security guards walking around. And they will ask to see your permit.

The permit for the Tank Graveyard that you need to get with the official stamp

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