Abu Dhabi: Insider’s Guide

6 years ago


Where to Stay and Eat


Best bang-for-your-buck hotel
Live like royalty at Emirates Palace, one of the most expensive hotels ever built. Set on 250 acres with a mile-long beach, this hotel dazzles with acres of gold leaf and more than a thousand Swarovski-crystal chandeliers. The Diamond Rooms have lovely views out to the Arabian Gulf. Linara Travel clients receive room upgrades, a $100 hotel credit, and other extra benefits.

Restaurant the locals love
Café Arabia is a good local café for breakfast and lunch, with a mixture of Middle Eastern and Western-influenced dishes; try the date rolls and the grilled kofta. It’s a casual place that locals and expats frequent.

Must-have dish
Lamb shoulder medfoun at Mezlai Restaurant. Medfoun is a traditional UAE way of slow-cooking meat in banana leaves in an earthen hole, and Mezlai has a special oven that helps replicate this technique.

What to See and Do

Don’t miss
The Falcon Hospital. Learn about falconry, historically a form of hunting in the region and today a sporting pastime for wealthy Emirati. This facility—the world’s largest—treats more than 7,000 birds every year, and the exhibits in its museum provide a window into one aspect of contemporary Emirati life; you can also get up close to the birds currently being cared for.

Don’t bother
Yas Waterworld is a very nice water park—but why fly all this way just to take your kids to an amusement park? Perhaps the Falcon Hospital (see above) might be more culturally relevant and just as interesting for children.

Hidden gem
Sir Bani Yas Island. Two new lodges, Al Sahel and Al Yamm, allow travelers a luxury experience on this island, which was previously a nature reserve owned by the late founder of the UAE. Located two and a half hours outside the city of Abu Dhabi, the 11-mile-long island has thousands of free-roaming animals—including gazelles, peacocks, Arabian oryx, and cheetahs—and sea turtles frequent the beaches. Al Sahel, located within the wildlife park, offers a safari experience, while Al Yamm is on the beach.

Cheap thrill
Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is the most impressive and important mosque in the UAE. Completed in 2007, the structure’s 82 white domes, four 350-foot-high minarets, and 183,000-square-foot marble courtyard symbolize the grandeur of Abu Dhabi. Free tours are given by the mosque (except Friday morning, when it’s closed for worship), and the guides are quite good.

Bragging rights
Take a private hard-hat tour of the museums being constructed on Saadiyat Island. With boldfaced names like the Louvre and the Guggenheim involved, this is sure to be the most amazing cultural district ever built entirely from scratch. (Slated for completion in 2020, Saadiyat will also be home to hotels by St. Regis, Park Hyatt, and Shangri-La.) Seeing the progress of this hugely ambitious project is a glimpse into Abu Dhabi’s concerted effort to transform itself into a great city of the future. For added flair, we can fly you in on one of the Sheikh’s private helicopters.

Take a relaxing walk along the Corniche, a four-mile stretch of beachfront paths and parks. The water is clean and refreshing, with plenty of lifeguards. Rent a bicycle from Funridesports, then stop for lunch at the Cabana Bar and Grill in the new St. Regis.

Perfect souvenirs
Traditional Arabic coffee pots (called dallahs) make for nice gifts, as these metal pots with long spouts are a symbol of local hospitality. Emiratis take their coffee seriously—there’s even a dallah monument in Abu Dhabi! Souk Al Zafarana is the best place for these and other traditional souvenirs; don’t forget to bargain.


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