Are holidays with young children worth it?

7 years ago


Family holidays are the stuff that lifelong memories are made of. But whether those memories are good or bad can depend largely on factors – transport, weather, a child’s mood – which are out of a parent’s control. And when the child in question is a toddler or baby, the unpredictability factor rises. So is it worth the risk?

A trip with young children offers time for you to explore the wider world together without the pressures of work. On the other hand, leaving the children with granny and grandpa gives parents the chance to actually relax and unwind.

Which comes up trumps – holidaying with or without the kids? Tell us using the mind changer tool below – and we’ll do our best to convince you otherwise.

Are you ready to go on a holiday with your toddler or baby now?

Here are our tried-and-tested suggestions:

  • Take advantage of the Babewatch beach babysitting option at the Sani resort, in Halkidiki, Greece: while you swim freely in the turquoise water, your child is entertained by a friendly nanny on the shore.
  • Strap your toddler into a backback and take to the trails to see theawesome spectacle of geysers in Yellowstone National Park, on this anniversary year.
  • If it’s really all about you, here are five spa holidays where you can bring the children. Expect on-site childcare and serious relaxation.
  • Check in to one of the UK’s most family-friendly hotels to test the waters. Woolley Grange, in Wiltshire, offers two hours of childcare included in the price of a room – plus a baby listening service, so you can dine a deux while the children sleep happily upstairs in their rooms. Fowey Hall, part of the same Luxury Family Hotels group, offers similar services in Cornwall. Gleneagles offers baby care, a playroom and loads of activities for young children.
  • Hire a cottage – Clydey Cottages, in Pembrokeshire, offers on-site entertainment and all the clobber you’ll need to stick to your usual routine – plus a petting zoo. Or try one of our favourite cottages inCornwall, Devon, Norfolk, Suffolk, or the Cotswolds.

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