Breakfast with the giraffes: Where you can breakfast with endangered Rothschild giraffes at a colonial manor house

6 years ago


You don’t think it will actually happen. You’ve seen the photos on the website, you’ve seen the videos on Instagram, but you still don’t think that while you’re sitting there having breakfast in a nice little sunroom, a real live giraffe will come and poke its head in looking for something to eat.

But it does. In fact it does every morning. Each day at around 6.30am at Giraffe Manor in Nairobi, those eponymous animals make their way slowly up from the bottom of the garden in search of something good to eat.

While the hedges taste pretty good, and the ivy clinging to the walls of the colonial manor house are also worth a munch, the real prize here for our long-necked mammalian friends is a pellet of grass clippings mixed with molasses – and they know just where to find it. That’s why seven endangered Rothschild giraffes are coming loping up towards the sunroom this morning, enticed by the rattling of bowls and the hubbub of diners.

This is one of those unique moments in travel that you’ll never forget: watching as the window space is filled with the brown and beige blotches of a giraffe torso, before a huge head, with those long, delicate eyelashes, those small horns, that pointed, sandpapery tongue, is gently lowered into the room in search of some food.



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