Quintessential Qatar: 3 reasons you need to go now

7 years ago

For too long Qatar has been regarded simply as a stopover destination, but more and more the world is starting realise that this desert destination is well worth leaving the airport for. Not so sure? Then our quick list of reasons to visit might just see you adding a little more time into your multi-destination itinerary. From the culinary to the adventurous, its time Qatar had its own share of the spotlight…

The food

Qatar is a destination that has attracted some of the world’s most luxurious hotels and restaurants in an effort to appease the discerning tastes of the Qatari locals as well as the luxury-loving travellers that spend time here. For this reason, you’ll find some incredible restaurants throughout the city, some whose names you’ll recognise (Hakkasan is a particular favourite). From Asian to European, whatever cuisine you’re looking for, you’re likely to find it in Qatar. Just be sure to make time for the local flavours, which are rich and satisfying. Al Sufra, a high-end yet traditional restaurant located within the Marsa Malaz Hotel, serves a delicious dish of Chicken Makloubeh – a must-try.

Qatari Cuisine

The landscapes

No trip to Qatar would be complete without a little foray into the surrounding desert, and you’ve got plenty of options when it comes to adventurous explorations. A particular favourite of ours is a desert jeep tour; cruising across the dunes at top speeds is one of the worlds most exhilarating experiences and an absolute must when discovering this destination’s most valuable charms. Be sure to stop your vehicle at the top of a sand dune and spend some time just taking in the endless and stunning views around you.

Desert in Qatar

The luxury

As we’ve already mentioned, luxury is big business in Qatar, so you’ll never be short of exclusive experiences and world-class hotels to choose from. One of the most beautiful ways to experience Qatar is from the water on a private dhow cruise. As the sun sets in a blaze of red, look back at the cityscape glowing before you and dine on delicious cuisine. The only sounds will be the soft lapping of the waters against the boat and the chink of your glasses as you make a toast to time spent in one of the world’s most exclusive jewels.

Dhow boat

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