Saint Petersburg, Europe’s prettiest city

6 years ago

Saint Isaac's Cathedral in central Saint Petersburg.

Saint Petersburg, Russias second largest city after Moscow, it’s not only a very historical city its also one of the world most beautiful cities. It might even be my favourite city in Europe.

I’m sure that If Saint Petersburg would be seated in a central European country like France, Spain or Italy with Saint Petersburg bee just or maybe even more popular than cities like Rome, Madrid, Paris etc. Saint Petersburg is absolutely stunning.

The whole city center of Saint Petersburg is on the UNESCO world heritage list with the Winter Palace beeing the center of it.

The Winter Place was the Russian Tsars (Royal) family’s official residence from 1732 to 1917. The Winter Palace is today home to the Hermitage Museum,

The Hermitage Museum one of the world´s most famous art museums anywhere in the world, the museum has a collection of over 3,000,000 pieces of art from all over the globe. The museum’s collection includes priceless work by Rembrandt, Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Rubens, Picasso, Van Gogh and more.

The Hermitage is definitely worth a visit if your ever in Saint Petersburg, more than half the people in the hostel I stayed was in Saint Petersburg was only in the city to be able to visit the museum, me on the other hand really dislike museums, so i only spend about 45 minutes inside the Hermitage, wich 30minutes was the timed i spend finding the exit.

Saint Petersburg,St.Petersburg,russia,Hermitage Museum
Panoramic view ofHermitage Museum/The Winter Palace taken with my mobile.
Saint Petersburg,St.Petersburg,russia,Hermitage Museum,russia
Some nice stairs inside the Hermitage.
Saint Petersburg,St.Petersburg,russia,Hermitage Museum,russia
Supposedly an important chair inside the Hermitage Museum.
Saint Petersburg,St.Petersburg,russia,Hermitage Museum,russia
Hermitage Museum as seen across the river.

Saint Petersburg is seated around the Neva river, and there´s no more than 342 bridges over the canals and river in the city.

Saint Petersburg,St.Petersburg,russia,Hermitage Museum,russia
One of the canals seen from my hostels window.

But one of the main sights in Saint Petersburg that’s not located next to a canal is The Kazan Cathedral that was built back in 1811.

Saint Petersburg,St.Petersburg,russia,
Kazan Cathedral in central Saint Petersburg.

Except for The Hermitage is probably Church of the Saviour on Spilled Blood the most famous sight in all of Saint Petersburg.
The Church of the Saviour of blood is built on the spot where emperor Alexander 2 was assassinated in 1881.

Saint Petersburg,Russia,Europe,Church
Church of the Savior on Blood.

I have stayed in close to 500 hostels over the years, and by far the best hostel that I have ever stayed at is located in central Saint Petersburg and only a few meters away from the stunning Saint Isaac’s Cathedral.

The Cathedral was built in 1818 and is another big attraction in the city. It’s the third highest cupola cathedral in the world.

Saint Isaac’s Cathedral in central Saint Petersburg.

Got more time? There’s a few easy and fast day trips out of the city, with the most famous and easy one being “Peterhof”

Peterhof is about 45min from the city center, and you can even take a hydrofoil speed boat right behind the Hermitage
It’s famous for its palace and gardens known as the Peterhof Palace.
It was built after the orders of Peter the Great in 1714.
The palaces if often called the “Russian Versailles” and it was added to the UNESCO world herritage list in 1990.

The Palace seen from the garden.
Peterhof garden.

All the photos in this post was just taken with my mobile phone.


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