Should you sleep naked when staying in a hotel?

7 years ago

There are plenty of pitfalls to avoid when sleeping naked in a hotel room.

There are plenty of pitfalls to avoid when sleeping naked in a hotel room.

A Q&A on popular website Quora has revealed a lot about sleeping naked in hotels.

When one nervous guest asked the forum “Is it safe to sleep naked in a hotel room” the responses ranged from hilarious to useful to genuinely disturbing.

Here are some of the best responses

Rupert:  “What are you worried about? Pyjamas or underwear won’t protect you against bed bugs, robbers, man-eating tigers or the monster under the bed. So not wearing them is no less safe.”

Kimberly: “I was in a hotel once where there was a door to an adjoining room (which you had to pay for if you wanted it — didn’t need it). Got up during the night to go to the rest room. I’m making my way (there), when suddenly the adjoining door opens and I see a man looking in!

“I scream, he screams and then he slammed the door shut! I then bolted it. Thinking about it now, it was actually funny because he appeared to be as frightened as I was. Fortunately I wasn’t naked but was in my PJs … Check the bolt-locks on adjoining rooms in hotels.”

Eric: “If you’re going to sleep naked anywhere, always keep a robe or easy-to-throw-on clothes right next to the bed. A pair of shorts and a T-shirt would be perfect.

“That way if someone knocks on the door or the fire alarm sounds, you will have something to cover yourself within 15 seconds. Slippers would also be handy if you have to go outside.”

Michael:  “Both me and my wife used to clean hotel rooms for a living. Since we had to enter the rooms of our guests no matter if they were there or not, our cards had to be coded to access-all areas.

“Occasionally, we would come in and our guests would be sleeping – completely naked. Two things happened then: We would immediately leave the room because if they wake up, it would be embarrassing to both of us.

“The other thing that would happen is you and your room number would gain immediate fame among the hotel staff. You are the rock star for a day!”

Kunal: “As a frequent traveller myself I would say no for these reasons:

“1. Unless it’s 5-star, you cannot vouch for the level of sanitising employed by housekeeping with regards to the mattress; although sheets are changed regularly, you still have a small risk of bugs (though it might be nothing that a 38-40 degree hot shower wouldn’t kill).

“2. In the event of an emergency evacuation, you will need precious minutes to dress up (unless you are fine to bare all. But then you’re still screwed if it’s cold outside plus the possibility of violating decency laws).

“3. Depending on your view, the silk shade white curtain might not be enough to deter possible creeps from staring at you. Trust me. I’ve experienced it.

“4. Some housekeeping staff do not wait longer that 500 milliseconds between announcing themselves and opening the door. I don’t know about you, but I hate that.

“5. You might be disoriented and hurt yourself worse in the dark, should you wake up in the middle of the night for a nature call.”


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