The Pirate Cemetery Of Ile Sainte Marie.

6 years ago

Off the eastern coast of Madagascar lies the small island of Ile Sainte Marie, which was home to pirates in the 17th and 18th centuries. The legend goes that it was a safe haven for more than a thousand pirates and numerous vessels.

Historical maps from that era refer to Sainte Marie simply as “the island of pirates”.

The misty walkway that leads to the pirate cemetery.

Because of its proximity to the East India Shipping Company’s trading route – better known as the Spice Route – between the Indian subcontinent and the British and Dutch Empire on the Indian Ocean, and with its numerous inlets and bays to hide ships, the island was the perfect base for the Pirates.

The history of Ill Sainte Marie, at the entrance to the graveyard. Unfortunately only in French.

The island was scattered with wooden huts and boasted tropical beaches with crystal clear water, local women to satisfy their lust and tropical fruits to make their favorite rum (Madagascar rum is still great).

One of the biggest graves, overlooking the bay.
Some of the old forgotten graves.
More Graves

Sainte Marie was a true pirate’s paradise back in the 17th and 18th centuries.
Even the famous pirate William Kidd, better known as the notorious Captain Kidd,  was once resident on the island. The remains of his legendary ship Adventure Galley were rediscovered here as recently as 2015.

The Pirate Cemetery overlooking the main entrance to the bay is the only thing that remains from the pirate era today and is said to be the only pirate cemetery in the world.

The Grave of a Pirate.

Sainte Marie is still often visited by treasure hunters searching for forgotten and lost treasures around the island.
There´s a 10 000 Ariary entrance fee to the Pirate Cemetry, and you will be accompanied by a local guide, telling you the history of Ill Sainte Marie, but unfortunately only in French.

These days the pirates are gone but it’s still a paradise and is now slowly being discovered by tourists who want to enjoy some of the best beaches in Africa.
NB. Ille Sainte Marie is the setting for the PlayStation 4 game, Uncharted 4 A Thief’s End.


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