Where to stay in Barcelona: hotels by district

6 years ago

Soho House Barcelona

A neighbourhood guide to the best areas to stay in Barcelona, as chosen by our resident expert, including the best hotels in the Gothic Quarter, el Born, Barceloneta and the beaches.


Barcelona’s medieval heart, the ‘Gothic Quarter’ is a maze of shadowy alleyways that occasionally open, dramatically, into grand sunny squares. Since Roman times, when a temple stood here, the Cathedral has marked the centre of the city, surrounded from buildings from every era, some of which house the city history museum (the MUHBA). Nearby is the ancient Sinagoga Major, in what was once the Jewish quarter, and some spectacular Roman remains.

Soho House Barcelona
From the bewitching rooftop pool down to the Cowshed spa, every whim is catered for at Soho House Barcelona, located in the Gothic Quarter.



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