7 years ago

Whenever I’m faced with a long journey that can either be completed by bus or by train, I always end up choosing the train.


I like the comfort of spacious seats that can also be turned into beds for overnight trips, the fact that trains bring you right into the heart of the city, and the added bonus that you get to enjoy the countryside as you zip past little towns and hamlets.

I actually enjoy train travel so much that I’m already planning to spend this summer travelling across Europe by train. Last year I scratched the surface with some trips in Germany, Bulgaria, and the Czech Republic, and this summer I’m hoping to cover even more ground as I explore new-to-me countries like France, Spain and Italy.

So why am I rambling about trains?

For good reason! Rail Europe is running a short little survey about travelling in Europe and they’d like to hear from travellers.

They want to know how you prefer to travel – trains, planes, automobiles – and by taking part in their survey, you have a chance to win two first class Eurail passes to spend a whole month exploring Europe. It’s a pretty sweet prize that is valued at over €1,000!

All you have to do is answer a few questions, and just like that you’re entered in draw. If don’t have any solid travel plans for the summer, this might be a good contest to enter.

Best of luck to everyone and safe travels.

The full terms and conditions of this contest can be found on the survey site. We were provided compensation for informing you about this cool contest.


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